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Dr. Thomas showing male patient there x-Ray images

We offer a combination of art, science and advanced technology to create predictable, personalized dental solutions.

The art of the smile
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General and family dentistry


With same day crowns and other restorative care, this device allows us to take care of you in one visit.

Technology at Sarko Dental


Safe and quick, these detailed images allow us to diagnose and treat more effectively.

Cone Beam Imaging

With the most advanced imaging process in dentistry, we have high-quality 3D images of your teeth, face, and neck to provide the most accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Air Abrasion

Using a stream of abrasive particles, we can remove decay and bacteria for healthier teeth.

Intraoral Camera

Being able to see beyond the naked eye allows us to get a better picture of your overall dental health.

Intraoral Scanner

With the wave of a wand, we are able to take a virtual model of your mouth without a messy mold.


Allowing us early detection and diagnosis of cancerous tissue, this device uses luminescence technology for an in depth look at your oral tissue.

“top of the line”

Dr Sarko and his staff are superb. The care they give at their practice goes well beyond top notch. Everything is top of the line, the equipment, the products and the care. I will never go anywhere else again.

Chrissy P.

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