When a Tooth Extraction May Be Recommended by Your Dentist

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When a Tooth Extraction May Be Recommended by Your Dentist


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Having a tooth extraction may seem like a scary prospect, but in some cases, it may be the right step. Teeth are meant to last a lifetime, but various factors can cause them to become damaged or unhealthy. Your dentist will explore different methods to save the tooth and restore your smile. If extracting your tooth is necessary, your dentist will prepare you for this procedure. There are also options to replace the tooth once it is gone.

How teeth become diseased or beyond repair

Though teeth are stronger than bones, they can become damaged, fall out, or suffer the effects of decay. Proper brushing and flossing will reduce the risk of cavities, infections, and gum disease, all possible causes of tooth loss. People should brush at least twice a day and floss daily. Neglecting these duties, along with eating food high in sugar, can increase a person’s chances of having tooth decay.

Injuring a tooth can require a tooth extraction. Biting into a hard object or food can crack, break, or knock out a tooth. A hard blow to the mouth from an object or in a fall can have the same effect. In the most serious incidents, the tooth may not be salvageable.

When there is severe tooth decay

For mild to moderate decay, a filling usually can solve the problem and restore the person’s tooth. When the decay is more widespread and produces larger cavities, a root canal may be necessary. However, if an infection has developed and is spreading, the dentist may recommend a tooth extraction. Doing this should keep the infection from reaching other parts of the mouth and face. Untreated, the infection could travel to other parts of the body and even get into the bloodstream.

To treat advanced gum disease

Gum disease is a serious condition that can destroy gum tissue. It can also lead to tooth loss and bone loss. It develops due to poor oral hygiene, causing bacteria to build up on the gums and teeth. To prevent the disease from causing more damage, the dentist may decide to do a tooth extraction. Gum disease can also loosen teeth, so removing such a tooth may be the most viable solution.

To create more room in the mouth

Sometimes, a tooth extraction can free up space in the mouth for other teeth. This is often a method that the dentist will use before the patient gets braces. Crowded teeth can cause other teeth to grow in at odd angles, become crooked, or grow behind or in front of another tooth. It can be uncomfortable and painful for the patient. Removing the tooth can solve these issues.

Prepare for your tooth extraction

The thought of losing a permanent tooth might be unappealing to you. But this could be the right treatment to preserve your oral health. Your dentist will review your options so that you can make a good decision. If you have tooth pain, a damaged tooth, or not enough room in your mouth, talk to your dentist.

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