What Your Dentist Wants You to Know About Dental Trauma

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What Your Dentist Wants You to Know About Dental Trauma


Dental Trauma Scottsdale, AZ

Experiencing a dental trauma is nothing to take lightly. This can result in serious problems and complications. If you do not seek immediate treatment for such an event, you could be in tremendous pain. There are other dental issues that can result as well. Fortunately, there are both ways to prevent and treat traumatic dental events. Your dentist can help treat these concerns and provide the help you need.

Typical examples of dental trauma

Accidents, injuries, and poor oral health care can cause trauma. One of the most common is when a tooth gets knocked out. This can happen due to a hard blow to the face or biting into something hard. A tooth fracture can also happen in these instances. This can be painful, aesthetically unappealing, and introduce decay and infection. Another problem that people can face is when a tooth can become loose or dislodged due to the breaking of nearby jawbone.

The consequences can be severe

It is never a wise idea to ignore dental trauma. If any of these conditions are present, the patient should seek immediate emergency dental care and treatment. Failing to do so can result in serious issues. Infections can quickly develop when there is trauma. There is also intense pain associated with these sorts of injuries. Also, additional tooth loss and even bone loss can occur.

Prevention is possible

There are steps a person can take to reduce the risk of dental trauma. Proper oral hygiene is a good way to avoid injuries. People of all ages should brush with fluoride-based toothpaste at least twice a day, especially after eating. Daily flossing can also keep teeth and gums healthy and strong. It is also helpful to visit the dentist every six months. At these appointments, the dentist can examine the patient and identify any emerging issues that could contribute to trauma.

Not even the most diligent dental habits can stop trauma to the mouth in every situation. Accidents can occur at any time, especially during sporting events and car or bike accidents. Wearing the proper equipment for the activity can reduce a person’s risk of suffering a tooth injury. Being cautious and following safety guidelines will also help.

Prompt treatment is vital

The faster a person can get to the emergency dentist’s office, the higher the likelihood will be of saving the tooth. For damaged teeth, the dentist can place a crown over the tooth or may attach a veneer. If the tooth falls out, it is possible to reinsert it into the socket. Otherwise, the dentist will consider partial dentures or dental implants. Other surgical procedures can save teeth and repair the bone.

Take care of your teeth

No one wants to face the consequences of dental trauma. If you experience a serious injury with your teeth, your dentist can help. Treatments are available to relieve pain and restore your smile and function of your mouth. If you have a broken, lost, or missing tooth, call an emergency dentist right away.

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