What to Expect from a Dental Exam

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What to Expect from a Dental Exam


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A dental exam is at the foundation of good dental treatment. This treatment will help the dentist to lay the foundation for future needs. It also lets them recommend the right products since the dentist can get a close view of your mouth. It is about more than just cleaning your teeth. According to the American Dental Association, it involves extensive recording and evaluation of the tissues.

Taking charge of oral health

Patients can stay on top of wellness and oral health with preventive techniques. Patient education is another way to keep the teeth healthy. The first step will be with a dental exam. That way, the dentist can plan out the patient’s future care while making recommendations on what needs to be done right now. The more information that the dentist has about the patient, the easier it will be to help and treat them.

A dental exam is part of a patient’s normal twice-yearly oral care. This should be done starting at a young age. If the patient is at risk for some conditions or diseases, the frequency of the dental exams might increase. The reason for having a dental exam is to find conditions and diseases that can be treated early on. Oral health affects the entire body. Poor oral health can lead to systemic disorders, diabetes, oral cancer, and other conditions.

What is included in an exam?

There are many procedures that a dentist might do during an exam. However, the patient will be educated on them and agree to each one first. The dentist will work to make the patient feel comfortable. Several procedures might be included in an exam, and these might vary.

  • Dental evaluation: this includes a discussion on the medical and dental history, as well as the patient’s background
  • Dental health assessment: this includes oral hygiene, the risk for tooth decay, and gum disease
  • Cavity check: this includes looking for potential cavities and the need for tooth restorations
  • Jaw and bite examination: this includes how well the teeth fit together
  • Oral cancer screening: this will be done to look at the mouth, neck, and face for abnormalities
  • Dental X-rays: these will be done to check for cavities that cannot be seen during a regular exam
  • Stain removal and cleaning: the dentist can remove any deposits and stains on the teeth and clean them

An important part of the exam is discussing the patient’s current oral health. That includes the risk of oral health problems such as tooth decay or gum disease. There will be recommendations on early detection and prevention. The patient can do these at home for good oral health.

Get a comprehensive dental exam today

Scheduling a dental exam can help you to keep your smile healthy for a long time to come. It involves several aspects, including X-rays and an oral cancer screening. It also lets you get recommendations for your oral health. Making an appointment today is the first step in taking charge of your oral health.

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