What Are Implant-Retained Hybrid Dentures?

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If you are missing more than one tooth on your upper or lower jaw, you already know how missing teeth can affect your smile – and your health and self-confidence. For hundreds of years, dentures have been the solution of choice for many people with missing teeth. Unfortunately, dentures can slip and slide, or even fall completely out when you talk, eat, sneeze, or laugh.  

The good news is that our cosmetic dentist in Scottsdale can help you decide if implant-retained hybrid dentures are right for your smile makeover.

The Problem with Dentures

Dentures have been around since about 700 BCE, when the Etruscans of ancient northern Italy first made false teeth using animal or human teeth and wire. Dentures didn’t change much until the 1700s, when denture-makers began using walrus, elephant and hippopotamus ivory, and then finally, porcelain to create false teeth. By the 20th century, acrylic resin and other plastics became the materials of choice for the base of the dentures.

While the materials used to make dentures have evolved greatly over time, many of the problems associated with dentures have not changed. Dentures can slip out of place, for example, and usually at the most embarrassing times. False teeth may also look fake because of all the plastic needed to keep them in place.  

Because dentures can fit so loosely, they can cause:

  • Difficulty speaking
  • Trouble chewing
  • Gum and mouth irritation
  • Denture sores, also known as “hot spots”

Dentures can also allow your jawbone to lose density and even change shape.  

Scottsdale Cosmetic Dentist Discusses Implant-Retained Hybrid Dentures

Simply put, an implant-retained hybrid denture is halfway between a dental implant and dentures. They offer the sturdiness and dependability of dental implants, but cost less than getting a dental implant for each missing tooth.  

About dental implants and the dental implant procedure

Dental implants are permanent replacements for missing teeth.  

Your teeth have two main parts: the root that holds your tooth firmly in your jawbone, and the white crown visible above your gumline. When you lose a tooth, you are missing both the crown and the root.  

A dental implant also has two main parts: a permanent tooth root situated below your gumline and an artificial crown that you can see.  

More specifically, the dental implant is a metal post that your dentist embeds into your jawbone. Usually made of titanium, the post is a medical-grade metal that is not harmful to living tissue.  

In a biological process known as osseointegration, your jawbone fuses with the metal implant to create a sturdy anchor for the artificial crown. This process takes several weeks to a few months to complete, depending on any health conditions you may have that affect healing, whether you smoke, and other factors.  

When osseointegration is complete, you will return to your dentist’s office for the placement of the dental crowns. In a traditional dental implant, your dentist affixes one dental crown to each dental implant to replace a single missing tooth. In implant-retained hybrid dentures, by comparison, your dentist will affix a denture that holds the false teeth for the entire upper or lower jaw.

Implant-retained hybrid dentures are also known as fixed hybrid dentures, all-on-4, or all-on-x. No matter what you call them, they can greatly improve the aesthetic appeal of your smile after losing all or most of your teeth.  

Implant-retained Hybrid Dentures vs. Traditional Dentures

Implant-retained hybrid dentures are similar to traditional dentures in that they replace all the teeth on your upper or lower jaw, using a nice-looking prosthetic that fits over your gums. The big differences between the two are that traditional dentures sit on top of your gums and are removable, whereas hybrid dentures are secured in place and can be only be removed by your dentist.  

While implant-retained hybrid dentures require a significant investment, they are often more affordable in the long run, as you’ll need to replace your dentures every 7 to 10 years and dental implants last a lifetime.  

Implant-retained hybrid dentures are also more stable. Securely anchored to your jawbone, these dentures fit, feel, and function like natural teeth, so you can eat what you want and never worry about slipping, sliding, or getting food under your plate.  

Because they sit on top of your gums, traditional dentures do not stimulate the growth of bone tissue in your jaw. Without this stimulation, your jawbones can shrink away enough to change the shape of your face. Embedded into your jaw, dental implants stimulate the growth of bone tissue every time you bite and chew food, so you can retain your jawbone and the natural shape of your face.  

Hybrid dentures also look more natural than dentures because we use the same porcelain in our hybrid dentures as we use in our dental crowns. We choose porcelain because it looks beautiful and natural.    

Where can I find implant-retained hybrid dentures near me?

You can get implant-retained hybrid dentures in Scottsdale from Sarko Dental Associates. We combine the most advanced technology with innovative artistry and personalized service to craft a smile you’ll love. Contact our cosmetic dentist in Scottsdale at Sarko Dental Associates.

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