The Psychology of Smiling

Simple gestures can have a profound impact, especially the smile. Smiling indicates that you're experiencing positive emotions, or at least that you want someone to think that. A real smile doesn't just involve the muscles around the mouth. The orbicularis oculi muscles around the eyes only activate when genuine emotion triggers the smile reflex. However, many people develop a habit of smiling without revealing their teeth at all. This can reduce the positive impact of the smile, especially on others. Going to a cosmetic dentist in Scottsdale can improve your smile to the point where you feel comfortable sharing it again. Improving your self-esteem with a smile makeover could have a number of positive effects on your life and on others.

Others Perceive You As Younger

One study tracing the reaction to smiles in others found a surprising link between assumed age and the expression of joy. When rating the faces of strangers, study participants guessed a much younger age when the person was smiling than when they weren't. You might think a neutral expression makes you look mature, but it could be aging you prematurely. Of course, yellowing and missing teeth can also contribute to the perception that you're older. A smile makeover encourages you to smile while also producing a younger appearance.

You May Feel Happier

The more you genuinely smile, the better you're likely to feel. That means that smiling wholeheartedly and without reservation due to your teeth is likely better for you than a restricted expression. Your brain receives signals when you smile that can trigger the release of dopamine. Dopamine is tied to positive emotions, so it's often said that smiling can make you feel happier. This can make a big difference in your daily mood once your smile is restored.

People May Find You More Attractive

In both men and women, a nice smile is rated as one of the top most attractive features. If you're single and looking for someone new, getting care from a Scottsdale cosmetic dentist first gives you a chance to make a great first impression every time. Some studies have even found that participants rated faces as being lower in weight when they were smiling rather than frowning. A beautiful smile adds a positive impression overall to your appearance, which can help in more than dating situations. An attractive appearance can help you find new opportunities in your career as well, especially in positions where you have a lot of contact with the public.

Smiles Are Contagious

Spreading joy and happiness to others doesn't always feel easy. If you're trying to warm up a crowd or need to reverse a drop in mood at a party, a sparkling smile is one of the best tricks. Encouraging a positive mood starts with a joyful look on your own face. This can be a matter of professional success as well if you're employed in a field like education or entertainment where you need to be able to manage the mood of others. If you're uncomfortable smiling broadly because of missing teeth, dental implants will quickly restore your smile.

Create the Sense You Are Caring and Kind

Psychological studies have also linked the habit of smiling with the impression of altruism. People tend to report that figures that are smiling are kinder, more caring, and more giving than their frowning counterparts. This can help you set a good example for children or build up how you are perceived as a volunteer or charity figurehead. Raising money for a cause or getting signatures for an important petition can become much easier when you're approaching everyone with a friendly and open smile.

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