4 FAQs About Dental Trauma Treatment

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4 FAQs About Dental Trauma Treatment


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Dental trauma refers to a sudden injury to the mouth that can be caused by a variety of reasons. Dental trauma treatment focuses on treating the concern promptly to minimize the discomfort the patient experiences and help prevent any lingering or long-term oral health concerns.

4 Dental trauma treatment FAQs

There are certain questions about dental trauma treatment that dentists receive regularly. To help you learn the basics of dental trauma treatment, this review highlights the answers to some of the most common questions dentists receive. Of course, every situation is unique, so more specific answers can only be provided when visiting a dentist.

1. What is considered dental trauma?

Dental trauma includes any injury to teeth, gums, or the jawbone. One of the most common types of dental trauma injuries is a broken tooth. Other types of dental trauma include:

  • Chipped tooth
  • Cracked tooth
  • Knocked-out tooth
  • Tooth infection
  • Gum damage
  • Jaw injuries

These are only several common examples of dental trauma injuries. Anyone who has endured a blow to the mouth or developed painful symptoms that are close to intolerable should contact a dentist to find out about dental trauma treatment.

2. When is dental trauma an emergency?

Not all instances of dental trauma require emergency care. For example, a patient may be able to wait several days before treating a chipped tooth that does not cause concerning symptoms. However, patients that experience severe pain or swelling or develop signs of an oral infection should schedule a visit with a dentist as soon as possible.

3. What do I do if a tooth is damaged or knocked out?

The first thing to do after a tooth is knocked out of the mouth is to find the tooth and rinse it off. Scheduling a visit to see a dentist as soon as possible is also important. Before arriving at the dentist, keep the mouth clean by using a saltwater rinse and not consuming any foods or beverages that contain sugar or other carbohydrates. Be sure to also keep the knocked-out tooth clean and stored in a clean area as the dentist may be able to reposition it in the socket.

4. How is dental trauma treated?

The type of dental trauma treatment a dentist recommends depends on the type and severity of the damage. Some of the more common forms of dental trauma treatment are dental crowns, dental bonding, and root canal therapy. For severe injuries, surgical procedures may be required to address the concern. After treatment, the dentist can provide a recovery and dental trauma prevention plan for the patient.

Don't delay dental trauma treatment

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